Transformation Touch  Training and Therapies -  Vibrant Energy Healing.
The Magenta Energy System  and The 5 awakening sequence for Adults and Children 

I  would like to share the personal addendum from our manuals by Rena Jackson Guttrige as  she is the lady that further developed advances and energy expansion related to both rising consciousness and Chakra redevelopment.

"The intent of this work and teachings is to clear the shadow inflicted on the Soul that influence, expectation and conflict impose and to return the Soul to Joy, the pure unadulterated light of its early breath. This is relevant to individuals and to the peace of the planet & cosmic consciousness as a whole.
As long as we live and breathe, the purity of the Light of the Soul remains intact, no matter how many inappropriate influences may mask it. This process of energy medicine utilising the system and energy fields of the Chakras is able to reach and restore that undiluted light and reopen the pathway to Joy.
The chakras are am amazing system of energy that ultimately provide access to our inherent healing, truth and purpose as they constantly restore and convey their essence. The are the ultimate bond to our inner consciousness and the fundamental gateway to the higher reaches of awareness and enlightenment.
The evolved energy centres give us and our energy body unlimited possibilities.
I consider that the potential of healing with energy medicine is immense and that we have, with a fully functioning energy body, a natural inherent capacity to heal on a wide scale.
For me this is the way forward in healing and I personally will continue to promote and expand concepts that I believe offer freedom from suffering and peace for the soul"
Rena Jackson Guttrige
Traditional 7 Chakras
Evolving of additional new chakras.
The results of how you would feel after the treatment can be seen for an unlimited amount of time. 
All of us are carrying a certain amount of unwanted emotional or mental weight that  could holds us back. Not everybody is prepared to go through the same pain again and wish to release it.The 5 awakening Awakening and Release Sequence method gives us more choices to deal with the issue by dissolving emotionally it on energy level.
The New chakras, when they are activated and acknowledged, start to interact with existing chakras.
Every additional chakra will become  your dearest friend. You will love them and learn how to see them and re-balance them by yourself after the very first session. You will be given all necessary information about each chakra and what it does to your energy body, and what changes it can bring to your life.
Time changes - so does our operating system.
It is time to let go of old beliefs and unhealthy patterns. 
You Can feel happier, fulfilled and more harmonious without changing your surroundings. However, the surroundings may change for the better as a result ;) .
The treatment is given while fully clothed in a very interactive way. You as the client are actively involved in the process. It is an equally effective, enjoyable and educational experience.
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