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Seichem was discovered by Kathleen Milner and includes the traditional system of natural healing Reiki. 
Seichem is pronounced Say Keem. Seichem  - is one of the healing systems once used in the temples of Egypt. 
Seichem is mentioned in the same sutras or ancient teachings as Reiki an is at least 2,500 years old.
Seichem is a combination of Earth energy - Reiki, Fire - Sakara, Water - Sophiel, and Air - Angelic light. 
It is possible to use Reiki the earth energy, on its own, but it is a lot more effective with other elements.
Also other elements cannot be channelled without Reiki's grounding properties.
Reiki - is energy of Earth. 

Sophi-el - is the healing ray associated with water. Water is associated with the emotions and Sophi-el opens the heart to receive love and compassion. It reaches deep within our emotional bodies to find the core cause and effect of the disturbance. It can help to diffuse anger

 Sophi-el can help in balancing and integrating the masculine and feminine qualities of a person.
  Inspirational artwork by Jane Delaford Taylor

Angelic light - is a two-fold healing ray associated with the element of air, and angelic realm. It strongly magnifies the energy.

Sakara - is the healing ray corresponding to the element of fire. In the healing it helps to balance the electromagnetic field around the body, the aura. Kathleen claims that Sakara burns through and transforms blockages and restrictions in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Working in the aura, Sakara helps to release unhelpful thought patterns before they manifest in the  physical body.
All the elemental healing rays of Seichem work individually and together depending on the needs of the person. When all four of the elemental healing rays are combined there is nowhere for the negative energy to hide. Each of the rays carries masculine and feminine energies. Reiki and Sophi-el are considered feminine, Sakara and Angelic light are masculine.
Once you are attuned to Seichem, it naturally flows. Working with Seichem  is always very intuitive and effective.

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